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Science is human. It can be exhilarating or mind-numbingly boring. It can be a shining ideal of a higher endeavour, or a partisan and corrupt mess. Science reflects its practitioners and the society that shapes them. Science is us.

Manchester’s contributions to science are bold and intensely political. Our scientists generally don’t hide away in their laboratories, they engage with a changing world – after all, some of the advancements which have instigated major change originated here. However, we were surprised that this voice on science (held by both scientists and non-scientists alike) didn’t have its own avenue within Manchester’s student community.

And thus, Planet Bee was born. We aim to continue the rich heritage of our city’s independent scientific discussion, arguably one of the oldest and most prestigious in Britain. We hope that Planet Bee will help our readers to see science in a new light and, more than that, we aim to provide a chance for Manchester’s students to critically explore the areas of science which fuel their passion.

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